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You will earn 500 Thousand Pesos (or equivalent in your currency) upon the sale of Aldanmar Apartments from your referral, and at minimum, 10 Thousand Pesos when a deposit is received.

Just sign up, then on next page, copy  and paste into the Page URL box to generate your tracking link.
Place this link anywhere on the internet, in emails, blogs, classifieds, real estate sites or in Social Media posts/tweets and it will do the advertising for you. Alternatively, after generating your code, you can use the images located by in the Creatives menu to post into web pages or anywhere you would like the image to show the apartments For Sale.
NOTE: Your links and adverts are connected to your referral account for 1 year from registration here. WE WILL NOT CHEAT! Contact the owner if you have any concerns.


We do the rest, you will never be hassled by anyone except us after we receive a deposit,  (but please don’t spam). Then you’re on the way to a P500K commission. If you ever have any questions, please fill up the HELP form below and we’ll help out.

On signup, if you don’t own a website, just enter

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